Monday, January 30, 2012

My Music Video covers

Hey Folks,
My name is Dwain Willis and I am creating this blog to post my music covers and videos to try to create some type of a fan base. I just want to know whether I am good enough to maybe play gigs and make a little pocket change on the side. As I progress in my playing I will start to write my own songs and post them after I copy-write them for your enjoyment or amusement which ever may be the case. By the way I play the slide guitar. I have an acoustic Ibanez guitar that I play along with and old pre-WWII Radiotone resonator guitar. I also play a 12 string Harmony guitar. The music I play tends to be classic rock and blues. A little country and a couple of old traditional's. This first blog is just to explain myself and to let people know I am here. I also have another blog on NATIVE AND EXOTIC PLANTS OF FLORIDA at that you can check out anytime if you need any advice on plants of that type or how to grow them and care for them. Thanks for checking out my blog. Dwain Willis

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  1. Although a lot of people started doing covers of songs the over of Shawn Mendes will remain one of my favorites!