Friday, September 6, 2013

a little more about me.

Hey folks,
What I want to talk about today is building my fan base. I know a lot of you out there like my music even though it is at this point very unprofessionally produced. I think it is mostly because of the songs and music I choose to play. I love to hear myself play the guitar and sing and I want to bring that happiness to more and more people and make a living at it in the meantime. Right now I am working at trying to write my own songs which has been very difficult for me for some reason. Writing the music and creating a riff or playing a melody off the top of my head is very easy for me. I can write instrumentals but I want to write a song with beautiful words that has an intelligent play on words something like John Lennon or Roger Waters used to do. This is where my problem lies. I can't seem to put together the right lyrics to my music. I have never been much of a poet but I am trying. I do have a couple of songs that are finished but not professionally produced. I need your help building my fan base. I NEED FANS so I am asking all of you folks that read my blog or listen to my music to become a fan and listen to the music I have posted on this site and also on my YouTube channel which is: . There is a lot of music on the YouTube site so please listen. One of these days I hope to get up enough nerve to perform live and try to play some clubs or bars by myself but that is going to be way down the road. I have to buy equipment and stuff before any of that stuff comes to fruition so please be patent because I am. Eventually I want to record my music and sell it to you folks who like it. To start out I will sell songs until I can make an album and then so on and so on and scooby doobie doo. Right now I just need acknowledgement fro you, the fans so please just so I can get an idea of whether this is working or not just leave a quick comment in the comment section and your email so I can get back to you and in the future I can send you my newsletter whenever I create it. Well that's all I can think of right now. Just don't forget to leave a comment and leave your email.


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